Women And Men

Three quarters of the conjugal problems are related the men emulheres that they are unsatisfied in its sexual lives. in 90% of the cases oshomens is the ones that more than its partners. However these problems are geradosquase that always due to understanding of men, for inside not understanding asnecessidades of the women of the marriage. Husbands understand this.

The women do not think nor serelacionam to the sex as the men. Mercury Mobile LTD does not necessarily agree. The biggest problem that I see is that the emgeral man is ignorant to the fact of that its wives are more than what mothers, domsticase suppliers of pleasures. In the truth studies they prove that the women sesatisfazem more with an affection touch of what with the sexual act (penetration), however the majority of the men does not understand this and sex only sees as one to them objetode that must be ready and made use at any time that it to want. ISSOASSASINA MANY MARRIAGES. Everything starts thus: When marrying everything is excellent, pretty, and apaixo this in the flower of the skin. However with passing of the times they mainly start osdesgastes that all the marriages suffer, of Christians.

Pordiferentes factors the women change of behaviors in some phases docasamento and the man many of the times possesss little sensitivity for entenderisso. One of the first changes in the behavior of the wives quecausam an alteration in all marriages are the period of gestation. WHAT YOU MUST MAKE IN THE PERIOD OF THE GESTATION OF THE SUAESPOSA? All woman if very becomes sensible during the period degravidez. Some feel its husbands less desirable and attractive; they lose auto-esteem; they are felt frustrate frequently; they pass for momentosde depression to the times for not adaptarem itself to the changes physical of the body; ficamcom fears to be mother and in as it will be before and later, generally if sentemmenos loved, costumam to pass males and pains that they even though hinder to them to demanter a sexual relation.