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It is the same including the authoritarian (or sadomasochistic) character, the character of marketing, as well as more character types (narcissistic, oral receptive, Stockpiling, exploitative, nekrophil). In his theory of character, he distinguishes the Mode of socialization (relatedness to humans), and the assimilation (relatedness to the things). Also the distinction between social character and individual character is central to his psychoanalytic-sociological approach. The common since ancient times the strength of the character concept includes important personal and social virtues, particularly decisive commitment to beliefs, sense of duty, endurance, courage (moral courage) and moral consequence. Strength of character marks the mature personality, i.e. Speaking candidly Jill Schlesinger told us the story.

mental health largely undisturbed by development disorders an individual. Ego-strength (ICH maturity) in psychoanalysis then spoken of, if the ICH functions (such as perceiving, thinking, action) between the drive impulses of the ES and standards to control the superego and to compensate for assets, that generally speaking the love and work ability of people remain. The opposite term is the weakness of ICH, by psychodynamic developmental disorders and painful sexual intercourse is due to and from the perspective of psychoanalysis is an important feature of the neurosis. It is assumed that the full width of the experience is restricted by rigid or failing under load defenses, so a reduction of consciousness “occurs, and general education is funded by neurotic symptoms. This reduction of the consciousness can be regarded as practical impact of various defense mechanisms (s.o). Neurosis > psychosis Source: wikipedia.de; Author’s note We have seen the girl and boy, apart from the different natural bodies in the areas of spirit and soul (psyche) socialized and conditioned (by traditions, religions, and parties). For this purpose, tradition, religion and politics are responsible! Tick so different as an expression of situational hormonal as well as processed and integrated controls. A final word on the women: he didn’t would be if there were no more people! 2010 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! (Seminars-Info:)