Travel and Accommodation

If you do not want to spend all your money in your accommodation but are looking for comfort and convenience, you should choose one of these modest riads. At the other end of the scale will find extremely sumptuous and luxurious Riads offering all kinds of extra services, such as the hammam, spa, room service, beauty treatments, massage or even garden and private salons, among others, as well as a service of the highest quality. Obviously, the prices here can be much higher than in most riads and not all budgets can afford, but if you can afford, it is worth succumbing to temptation. Of course, stay in a luxury Riad will offer a very different experience Ocre City and lets you enjoy your stay in a different way. So, when you choose the Riad that best fits your budget, you should check what services are offered, consider if you're willing to pay for them or if you prefer to spend that money on something else and finally, compare prices and services . 2.A a Think what the main purpose of your trip and choose your Riad in terms of that purpose may be traveling in his honeymoon with his family and children, or on a business trip by yourself. Each type of Riyadh is adapted to different types of travelers and offers different environments and services. When choosing your Riad in Marrakech make sure your choice is acceptably for the purpose of your holiday or stay. If the documents a little, find Riads that are perfect for romantic getaways or appropriate for adventurous backpackers, ideal for families and suitable for families with kids, to you seeking something in between or all equipment and facilities for business meetings, conferences or seminars.