The Word

In religion is not find more there but the reality of the present. This is a cuentecito of Tony de Mello: one day asked the master: in your opinion, what is the most important religious question? By way of response, heard many questions: does God exist?, who is God?, what is the path to God?, is there life after death? Not; the teacher said, the more important question is: who am I? The disciples made some idea of what the teacher wanted to insinuate when, they heard him talk to a preacher. Teacher: Well because, according to you, when you’ve killed your soul is in heaven, is not so? Preacher: Yes, well it is. Teacher: And your body will be in the Tomb? Preacher: exactly. Teacher: And where, if I may question, are you? An adequate response to the resounding question who am I? It can carry reflected perfect religiosity, and authentic religion, because it would carry including many times the word God, and the feeling towards him. It is required to review the conviction, who has it, that God, Religion, light, wisdom, Universal brotherly love and understanding, are alien to the whole of the human being, and are outside, and are undeserved and unattainable. It is not. Everything is inside.

All that are in essence. Each person is a vivid expression of the self, but with human consciousness it is difficult to understand it. It is not a presumption, nor an immodesty, firmly believing in it. It is not a bold or a rebellion. It is not a joke or an apostasy. Who creates son of a God that is-, of upper Lo, it is logical to take their same genes or its essence, which is something or a lot of God, and is eager to return to meet with him in the garden of Eden where it comes from, according to the Catholic religion, and don’t forget that religion is equal to re-link: wrap more closely, to tie again.