Give you an example: If you think that there is no faithful woman, or a faithful man, but you want a faithful person for you, do not work, do not attract it. You must long for something that you believe that there is, to attract the right person, must believe and think that it is possible to meet someone with the expected qualities, if it believes that it is possible is not in accordance with what you want for you, then won’t get it. When you think of the qualities of the person who is waiting, he must believe that that person exists in the real world and that someday you will know. If you think that there is one per person, cheerful, faithful, honest, intelligent and attractive at the same time, and that person is the which want to know and love. Then his universe per sonal will be the to reglos so that you will know you and be relationship with someone as well. I would love that everyone had a copy, because although my book more small, I must accept that it is a successful document and very useful, if you want to get it and live in the USA, must go to Barnes and Nobels, (I think that they have best price cheaper), or at, busquelo asi; the law of abundance, by Ingrith schaill, for people outside the country, I recommend you contact me at my web page and a starting from there they would send directly with the editor who is responsible for sending them to international level. I have a phrase that I like a lot, is of my authorship: that man holds in his heart, that will be a fact Ingrith S. A kiss and my best wishes for wealth, love and prosperity for the new era that coming. Original author and source of the article