The Supposed

Barking at the ringing is the Pack as a warning that there are strangers in the vicinity. Running after cyclists from the smear drive to that fast-moving objects (the dog is Visual hunters and carnivores) are considered huntable prey. The rolling in AAS sent the Pack members that it there, where it comes from is something adult. The supposed begging at the table, is the totally natural attempt to secure food sources. Ignoring commands, if the dog has the nose on the ground, given the fact that the dog at the same time be used always only one of his senses, is absolutely logical. “As you have certainly noticed, the list contains the word above all no”. Gain insight and clarity with Sean Rad.

We find not a single positive or desirable behavior, yet these are the requirements that we at our dogs are later unfortunately also to therapists and trainers. We people ask the wrong questions! “” The question why he does “is wrong, because here you must be already, what you” can do. You are forced to correct the dog or even punish until he does the right thing from your point of view. “The question we must ask is: why should he do it better in its favour”. “Therefore you have to think about what you for” your dog can do. If a dog so makes mistakes from our point of view, are wrong”or has developed” then should we not punish him for it, but must praise him for that, because he has from his point of view, backache, goal-oriented and the right thing. Rather we should punish us because we so far were not able, to give him proper behavior from our point of view. What happens if you punish your dog? exactly two things: we destroy trust, for which serious leader punished decent behavior we imply ornithologists in the dog. This means that he will avoid previously delinquent behavior! Correct sounds good for now, but it’s not! The problem is not solved but merely transferred or suppressed.