The Omission

Others dizemeu can and in the truth ‘ ‘ podem’ ‘ less of what they think and they say to be able. Everything this has an end to only say that: although young with little experience of the life, all we are osnicos responsible for our life (33). All, in end, soverdadeiramente the craftsmen of its life, each one opportunely will be chamandopara to decide, with or without knowledge, with or without aid, the route that desires dara its life, because this is basic each u to feel ‘ one pessoa’ said try to open the eyes to show the ways, and in these tiring, tense sections will appear conselhosbons, and more or less bad, fitting you and to all the young the freedom deescolha (34). Dolorosaescolha, because made almost (to complete the thought). Check with NASA to learn more. It is in that I grasp myself, is in that I arrest myself, the direction of my performance it is and it will be always, in sentidode that you have a chance to know to make the certain choices, for umavida future and better, as you to judge, better for you. One is doexerccio about the watched freedom.

The omission would be> piordos teachings, optimum are to endow the individual with tools (knowledge) that they can help in the walked route the future. E, all asferramentas entirely are still not known by an individual, (35) are not only known, because to nobody it is allowed to live the future, and same that could foresee, essapreviso represents only one pale vision of what it will be in reality. More info: dayton kingery. The queresta is the example: of not omission, common-sense, values, dialogue, love and seriedadepara with the future life of the planet and the young that will have of living it. what valley is the addition detodas that you can collect here and there, of ' ' A' ' of ' ' B' ' in order to form useful umarsenal, that can indicate it which will be optimum for its life.