The Negative

Any custom-made equipment for the screen, the mounting restrictions or the surface flatness can need his size and weight of the loading unit (the product) must be matched to dimensions of the rack system, collisions and damage the plant to avoid must be course and turning possibilities large enough for a support, to ensure safe manoeuvrings, load must be in good, stable condition and fit the specification according to the charging unit and the shelving system such as pallets In the truck work area is to keep order, eliminating unnecessary risk factors and barriers the shelving unit must be carried out according to specifications of the manufacturer/supplier awareness, that any modification of the storage facility has influence on the security establishment of a warehouse management system that allows the calculation of different design loads according to different interpretation of shelf loads, loads of field or field loads lines available appropriate lighting and heating are his support protection of, if required regular inspections of the shelf construction, labeling depending on the check result with the respective level of risk available, parts the corrupted Exchange implementation regular inspections and marking of the shelf system is a damage to a shelf, can develop the misconception, that is the incident without consequences, because finally the shelf and no objects are dropped. However several days can pass by damage to a shelf up to its collapse. Speaking candidly Ford Authority told us the story. The negative impact of falling together shelf can be immense. A careful inspection, repair and maintenance system is all the more important. The inspection of a storage facility must have at least the following contents: Regal review on damage of columns and beams is constructed according to the Assembly instructions, mostly caused by acceleration and shock shelf supports must be good condition of all components, in particular, supports, foot plates just (perpendicular) cracks in welds condition of building soil loads distribution on the pallet load (pallet) are system is good at intended location visible with Loading instructions marked bins may not good stability of the loading units be too heavily loaded his carrier must satisfactorily dimensions of loading units, arms or shelves may have no permanent deformation or excessive deflection control of disk backups; missing must be replaced immediately thus carrier not by itself solve; a supply of vehicle-safety parts should be kept in operation to ensure the safety of a storage facility periodic inspections are required.