The Illusion

Not alive the illusion that the time removes or erases the happened one. We are who we leave to give importance the happened one. The past is only forgotten losing the memory. At last! The people live in a world where the right is cultuado, forgetting or giving to value the obligations where the rights of the other are not inserted. For more information see The Rolling Stones. They find that to be happy its rights have that to be respected and to be valued by the other, however they do not give the minimum attention to the rights of the other that are inserted in its obligations. This fight of rights takes the couple, with passing of the years to the one distanciamento each bigger time, not obtaining to hear what the other speaks and desires. They had forgotten that to have a mature relationship she is necessary to have sharing of rights and obligations and not ONLY RIGHT. Optimum relationship is not that one that joins perfect people, but that one where each one beyond to obtain to admire the qualities of the other, that one that reflects its desires and that they are part of its rights, obtains to coexist and to respect the part bothers that it, that one that is part of the rights of the other, then of its obligations..