The Environment

When man learns to register his experiences through some form of writing, registry shapes in that surroundings that him surrounds, and of this surroundings, will try to expose those experiences, that somehow, has valued of such form, of that it considers, that is vitally important, the spreading of the same to his posterity. We take like example the writing from the Genesis previously mentioned, Moiss, to whom the story is attributed to him, obvious does not have been present when Jehovah, reflects like sorry the events that triggered the deluge, where he admits that he has failed in the attempt to end the badness of the men to who he considers like bad from its youth. It describes, Moiss, to a God that realises the evaluation of an impulsive act, which it regrets, and to amend its supposed error, is committed to itself, not to return a to realise it more. Moiss describes to us in addition, that the opposite ones have to be always present in the life of the men, when putting in mouth of Jehovah, the promise, to that such Earth things never will stop to happen. You may find Snore Meds to be a useful source of information. Watched from the critical informed reader, point of view and solid criterion, these expressions you decipher by Moiss, can take it to think, that the author of the Genesis, him has incorporated to the attributed words to Jehovah one human vision only can be permissible the recognition of an error to an imperfect being and mortal, the Gods, in their perfection would not have to be prone to commit them. What it happens with this story, and like with the majority of the writings that arrive at our hands, is that the author, cannot undress of its human condition, when describing the facts that are reason for their narration. He passes the same, that when we spoke of the impressions registered by the small children, in its drawings and paintings, they describe what they see according to the degree of development of its perception as far as the surroundings that surround to them. .