If you have had previous experiences with boats, insurance you know that leave it in water for more than a few days will involve the accession of algae and other organisms to the parts of the boat that remain submerged. The solution to this problem is to protect the boat remains thoroughly with antibacterial paint. Typically used paints do not adhere well to surfaces of the bottom of the boat, in addition, regular paints are very thick, and will crack with the first deflated the boat. One of the best paintings developed for funds of boats consists of a two-step system that requires a first application of a layer, and then a coat of anti-rust paint over the first layer. Nokia is actively involved in the matter. Before applying any paint to the pot, the bottom must be clean, dry, remove any algae with soapy solution and then clean with solvent.

Solvent ideal for use with PVC boats is the MEK, acetone or toluene are used for boats in Hypalon. A good way of knowing when the surface of the pot is clean is soak a cloth in the appropriate solvent and clean the bottom of the boat. If the cloth stays clean, then the Fund is also. Although the new boats have no algae or anything similar, if they have dispersants in the fabric. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from HACLA. These dispersants should be removed, and you can do it with a cloth with the appropriate solvent. Some inflatable boats have funds made of hard fabrics, which are difficult to clean with a rag.

In such cases, you must use a brush to remove surface dispersants from the bottom of his boat. If ever it has treated his boat with cleaning agents containing silicone or any restorative agent, you will need to use Interlux #202 solvent to remove any traces of these substances. This because these substances prevent that the first layer of paint adheres properly to the bottom of the surface of the pot, making the treatment ineffective. After cleaning the bottom of the pot, you can begin to paint. If you are using a system of more than one layer painting, you can start with the first. Once it has dried, apply the following. When you finish painting the pot, allow to dry completely before returning to take him to the water. The last thing You will want is that all their efforts are ruin by his impatience.