Construction Equipment

Grandiose construction requires imposing special equipment. Automate an impossible job builder may versatile, powerful construction machinery. It may be several types consider only a few of them. Concrete Mixer Car, also known as ABS, mixer or mixer – construction units of special equipment designed to cater for the development of concrete mixture by physical mixing of its components – the connecting material, the required components and water. Car mixer or mixer is a vessel of an impressive volume, which is placed on truck chassis.

As you move the ABS tank commits turnovers relative to its axis inside the components are mixed to form the desired substance and not giving the submissions received the opportunity to congeal. Master node truck mixer is mixing drum, moving under the influence of an electric motor. Mixer can be cyclic and constant action. Concrete road Installation cyclic are the most necessary part of the input and output ready mix served previously known shares. Continuous ABS implement continuing education mix and output of finished mixture. Concrete goes through a chute fitted free flow if you can not drive up to the close distance to the formwork base, convenient gidrolotok, deystvuyuschiygidroprivode and generating flow solution on distance of 5 to 10 meters. To leave the mixture to a small height of the conveyor is used.

Truck Crane (or crane) is a self-propelled machine that produces loading and unloading operations. key business unit crane – jib swivel. truck crane used mainly for construction and assembly work, handling non-standard and general cargo, in case of capture peel possible operation for loading bulk cargo. Cranes are operated on different drives – on the basis of mechanics, electricity and hydraulics, runs on most common variety of tonnage) (from 2,5 to 16 m). Relocation boom also comes in various, usually scatter removal of 2.12 m, but increased to 22 meters due to the specialized inserts. Hook Crane rises to a height of 7 to 18.5 m. Construction Today impossible without the use of special construction equipment. various dump trucks, graders, forklifts, not only deliver vysokovesny cargo, but also prepare for the relief of the construction site, implement a host of other necessary functions. significant proportion of equipment used in the construction of the domestic market of equipment of Russian manufacture (or made in the CIS countries, although there are companies and foreign issuers. The largest manufacturers producing trucks serve Belarusian Belarusian Automobile Plant and Minsk Tractor Works, which enjoy an excellent reputation not only in Russia but throughout the world through quality of the proposed technique and very little cost. Trucks. Truck crane

Kremenchug Automobile Plant

Added to the new car market for the Kremenchug Automobile Plant development – an army vehicle with a right-hand drive. This car has opened for the Kremenchug car factory new opportunities to conquer new heights and win the trust of the countries drive on the left. Production batch of army trucks with right-hand drive KrAZ-6322 "Soldier" came off the assembly line of the holding company AvtoKrAZ. This car was the first in the history of KrAZ. Its designed and produced for the Donetsk State joint-stock holding company "Topaz", which specializes in manufacturing complex radio systems for special purposes, known throughout the world as "Kolchugas. Development, design and manufacture of a fundamentally new car – a rather complex process, requiring special treatment and that takes a long time.

To realize the ambitious project, it was necessary to develop and produce about two hundred unique components and parts. Despite the large volume of work, automakers from Kremenchug created KrAZ-6322 "Soldier" as soon as possible. To develop new machines with the right wheel was how much better, at a factory employing a flexible technologies for plasma and laser cutting of metal. The use of modern equipment for Pipe bending and plane parts has to produce the necessary details. Features KrAZ-6322-161-02: all-wheel drive, 6×6 wheel, nine-turns or transmission, eight-cylinder V-engine YMZ-238DE2 (Euro 2) with a turbocharger. New units and components are very different from this KrAZ serial KrAZ-6322, similar to that evident. Nuances of the new model – the brakes and clutch, the steering mechanism of the integral type, the system heating and ventilation booths compensator exhaust systems, fuel control drive, the instrument cluster. As for the prospects and markets, KrAZ in the past has collaborated with countries in drive on the left, but he did supply vehicles to the standard placement of the driver's seat and steering with the left hand side.

Of course, the operation of these machines caused inconvenience to drivers from countries with 'Right-hand drive. " After the collapse of the Soviet Union's centralized supply cars to these countries ended. Development of a new machine KrAZ right hand drive was a response to the demand automakers to Kremenchug and customer requirements. In mid-May of this year KrAZ put the first of a planned this year and next batch of army vehicles' right-hand drive. " So that the company not only expanded the range of KrAZ, but also opened up new prospects of Holding Company to introduce its products in new countries and gaining the confidence of all the new partners. Among the potential clients, HC KrAZ "- Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, England, Seychelles Islands, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia. It is with these states KrAZ quite actively collaborated in the Soviet years, putting them more than ten thousand of their