An inflatable boat damage are classified as catastrophic when it restricts the usefulness of the boat completely until it can be repaired. Some examples of catastrophic damage cuts or tears that are serious enough to deflate or completely collapse tube inflation, or damage to the Fund so that the water in large quantities to the pot. In the majority of cases, a boat which suffered catastrophic damage is simply impossible to repair, as occurs with a boat that is directly impacted by sharp rocks. Nokia will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, sometimes, the boats suffer damage that if they can be repaired, although such cases usually require the attention of a professional in inflatable boats. If sill detaches from the outside of the pot pipe, for example, immediately discard the idea of repair it yourself. Seams that emerge also require certain special abilities. In several cases, the damage tends to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, unless the owner attempt to carry out their own repairs. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you first review the warranty.

Most of the boats come with 5 or 10 year warranty continue covering boats that are used in a reasonable manner. If you don’t know a place where to repair your boat, you can approach the dealer who sold it, because it will probably have details of any reliable repair shop. Occasionally, you will find in the inevitable position that his boat suffered catastrophic damage requiring immediate repair, but about to occur while you was far from an urban center, without any means of transport to get this fix. A common example of this is when fishermen accidentally perforate their boats inflatable with a knife while trying to cut fishing line. Emergency major repairs when confronted with an emergency situation requiring major repairs, most of the materials found in conventional kits are usually useless for these purposes. In such a situation, you will need to use your creativity to perform temporary repairs that allow at least back to civilization. In the case of a great cut with knife or Pocket knife, it is likely that need to sew the boat to prevent deflation and collapse immediately. You can do it with anything that resembles a needle, like a Fishhook or relatively sharp objects.

Once you have the necessary materials, with a simple seam you can stitch break long enough to cross the water as much as you need to reach. Repairs with tape another method to repair catastrophic damage without appropriate materials is tape. With large amount of it, can perform repairs that keep the boat afloat enough so that you return to the city and I can repair it. Start deflating the affected part. Then cut the tape into strips of the necessary length, place on the break, making sure that the strips are glued to an undamaged area. This will ensure that your temporary patch is as airtight as possible. His patch of tape should cover the entire damaged area and extend several inches to her around. Once you have applied about three layers of tape, the patch will resist to keep air for a short period of time, particularly if he complements it with inflation continuing with air pump.

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In addition, it must have enough long handle, so it can be comfortably worn on the shoulder. Regarding the form of bags, the most convenient rectangular model, because they most easily fit large items. When choosing a handbag and pay attention to the presence of inner pockets for small and valuable items and extra compartments for wet and dry clothes. Materials and colors in most cases the material for the beach bag is a thick fabric, plastic or nylon. Also, bags may be woven or leather. The most practical material is a fabric, because it is convenient to wash. At the same time, the bag is completely made of fabric, short-lived: their hands and bottom rather quickly wiped off. In addition, non-dense tissues of the bag, such as flax, can easily get wet on the beach.

The least practical bag made of leather: wet sand and quickly spoil the expensive stuff and the bag loses its form. Most preferred option – bag made of thick fabric with leather inserts. Pens and bottom, made of leather, more durable and practical than made of fabric. As for colors, the diversity knows no boundaries. Beach bags, usually bright: red is blue stripes, large prints, floral or geometric patterns. Bags can be quiet and monotonous coloring.

Sometimes the bags are decorated with embroidery or applique. Beach bags may have a zipper, buttons, Velcro, laces or buckles do not have. In this case, the choice depends on the individual predpochteniy.Stilnaya or practical? As with all accessories, beach bags subject to the laws fashion. Bags safari – for bright and confident, white and blue strip – no fading classic to modern and have good taste, bright colors and flashy large prints – for stylish, independent and loving life Natural colors and materials, applications, beads and embroidery – for girls hippie. If you're going to take my bag, not only on the beach, it is desirable to choose a plain and discreet models that will look great in museum and a restaurant. Always look stylish and elegant bag with geometric patterns. Bag can be combined with the color of your bathing suit or a pair or contrast with them. It all depends on your individual preferences and attitudes. Yet, going on vacation, many leave the eternal pursuit of fashion trends and prefer the convenience and ultra-modern design praktichnost.Alternativy bags a good substitute for the beach bag can be a lightweight backpack made of cloth or sack bag with adjustable shoulder strap one. Backpack-sack for those who prefer practicality and comfort and sporty style adheres to clothing. This backpack safely delayed in the upper part and is perfect for going to the gym, the beach or stroll through the city. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap and short handle, a backpack is comfortable to wear on the shoulder and arm. Today you can find a lightweight backpack for every taste, from small models to walk around the city and to the bulk bags for long hiking. Choosing the right backpack will depend on its purpose, as well as your individual preferences.