Paid Surveys Myths

If you type in any search engine query on the internet, you get a bunch of links to sites that offer quick and not very fast earnings. Among them will be a lot of sites offering a way to earn money as participate in paid surveys. What is it and can I really make money on paid surveys? Let's look at this issue more closely. So, what are paid surveys? The fact that the study potential buyers of their products, many large companies use this method to obtain information as questionnaires. According to the results a company decides on the promotion of their products on the a given market. Finding out people's preferences, habits and motivations for purchasing. Continue to learn more with: Gen. David Goldfein. And as for free fill out forms no one wants, then it is offered for a fee.

Typically, an amount of 1 to 10 dollars per survey. Those wishing to earn a 5-20 minutes a few dollars too much. That is why the polls for the money received such wide circulation. To get started, you must log into websites interviewers. Then you will come by e-mail invitations to the Internet survey, and you can earn money.

In America and Europe there are people who did participate in paid surveys to their main type of earnings. Can I make a living participating in paid surveys people in Russia? Unfortunately, no. And do not believe many vendors package on paid surveys. They offer over 10-150 dollars to buy lists of 500 or more companies carrying out paid surveys. And then (according to the promises) you will start earning at least a thousand questionnaires per month. For normal earnings need to register in a very large number of companies conducting pay surveys. In other surveys will be too little, in order to live comfortably. And in Russia there are only 5-20 companies paid surveys that actually pay money. That number was too small malo.Raz polls, and then little money. All other companies are in America and Europe. And they are interested in this view of Americans and Europeans, and not the inhabitants of the CIS. Respectively, and they pay only for their citizens. Of course there are ways to cheat foreign surveys, but we will not discuss here. This is a topic for another article. In the meantime it is hoped that with time we will have a lot of questionnaires. Then you can do to earn their paid surveys the main source of income. Now this is more fun than a real opportunity to make money.