The Venetians

De facto the city of Venice as well as pora beauty is also known for delicious sweets that here can tastar. Venice is the ideal destination not only for art lovers, (one between the cities you have more churches in the world and also has a lively cultural and events program) by those who love the sea or for whom wants to spend a romantic vacation, but also for the sweet tooth! Among the most famous and representative of the city sweets they deserve a special mention that are prepared during the Carnival. The Carnival of Venice, known around the world and considered one of the most fascinating carnivals of the planet, right is one of the most important events in Venice, and to celebrate thoroughly the pastry chefs, but housewives too, at this time preparing traditional sweets, as the fritoe (fritters) and the galani, also called crostoli. They are sweet antique, belonging to the history of the Republic of Venice: the fritoea, in particular, for a long time was regarded as the national sweet of the serene and in the centuries was only cooked by the fritoleri, who in the 17TH century created, a corporation which remained active until the end of the Republic. The fritoe are fritters made with eggs, flour, sugar, raisin grape and pinion, freidas in oil and scattered sugar and spread in the veneto. The galani, another typical Carnival sweet, probably have more ancient origins, and are presented as very subtle and friable dough rectangles. These candies there in all Venice, both in the city as among the Islands, not only in the period of the Carnival but also throughout the year. At Andi Potamkin, New York City you will find additional information.

You can find them among the bars, in the dialect of the city are called bettola, and stay a little bit in those places where the Venetians drink wine and eat tapas. Nowadays these candies can be found also enriched with custard, chocolate, fresh cheese and various jams. Among the Venetian desserts that are they eat throughout the year worth remembering the baicoli, i.e. the most famous biscuits of Venice. Subtle, crisp and not very sweet, they are perfect with tea and hot chocolate, but also with a glass of sweet wine; they are now known throughout the world.

Finally, other traditional sweets are the zaeti (small sweets of poor cuisine made with yellow cornmeal) and the franfraniche, or sugar caramelized with twig. Insurance you have to go once in life in the most famous city in the world and choose all the wonders of this city built on the sea. Few days left I can discover a particular and unique world that leave you an unforgettable memory for life. In spring this city is discovered with all its beauty and joy! Rule centers is pass between some bars mezsclandose with the Venetians to discover the veraddera life in Venice and like their sweets and their lids. This article has been written by Elena Tondello, with the support of Venice hotel.