The Matter

FIGHT we can’t us the peace however, it should be clear to us in any case. “To expand the topic a little bit, I want war and peace me in this context” the term fascism “a somewhat closer look at. Also here I met because a disagreement, I would like to raise, which plays a very great relevance, a my anSicht after crucial especially in relation to the basic theme of this existing. Often it is indeed too easy, others the predicate to characterise fascist, and this when we perceive properties, which have been considered before all generally valid faschistisch. In other words, we have those things and people with the predicate fascist”tags, which we have chosen as an enemy image and thus decided that those Thus profile correspond to the perpetrators, times quite apart, hopefully there is a greater understanding of the matter. We have here game field in the so-called left and right half separated the life and fascist appointed one side as latent, and awarded the ultimate acquittal, the judgment of the fundamental Unbeteiligung of the other.

We rely therefore on superficialities like short hair, army outfit, political convictions or nationality, which we classify as properties of fascism, quite without prescribed that this phenomenon of fascism has a far more complex and deeper background history. Even here it is hard not offenkundig us to mobilize arguments for our warlike behavior. A battle appears to be just according to our labeling, and the Patriots of the seemingly good and righteous side which celebrate left in this case, we giving priority as heroes. This works of course also vice versa, and so claimed the player on the right side, Evil, the Lebensunwerte on the other hand is, and that creates its own justification of the fight. War the otherness, apparent evil compared to war we raise to the legitimacy, and this is still the root of fear and the war itself.

From fear of the other, we take always still refuge for destruction as us only known reasonable”protective reaction. Because we instinctively obviously are in the mode of survival, seems erasing the against-lying over threat to be the only way out for us, and we don’t track that this is first of all not really capable of solution in this way and that there is an alternative and quite viable way out second actually. In other words, most of us are still in the situation that they are advised by fear, based by their political, religious or even social attitude, what has the effect, that is what we call fascism, and we just a few as a property stigmatising imprint, if we look sensitive, almost all of us shows. Fascism is seen the inadequate warlike attitude, so assume we which out of fear of the other, of the apparent threat out, to protect ourselves. We can find this attitude born out of fear, practically in almost every living room, children’s room, in the schools, and not just in the armies, for she reigns as tyrant still at least grosstenteils unconscious and unrecognized in our families and ultimately ourselves. As long as we still try to deny it, before our own fear still retains the reins in their hands, and we will answer with war and destruction continue when asked for love.