Community Made Shopping

For the launch its own online shops on the Internet, there are numerous programs available. One is particularly popular in the German area Web application xt: Commerce, shortly xtc. This has emerged from the also very successful os: commerce. This open-shop system was first published in 2000 by Harald Ponce de Leon, and was step by step to a powerful online store expanded. In 2003, the last version was published 2.2ms2. Since then the system through a number of so-called Contributions (small programs) has been extended in its functionality. Meanwhile os: Commerce something getting on in years and met on many levels, not the demands that are placed on a modern shop. The very fact that the generated HTML code between the code (PHP) is making an adaptation of the design extremely difficult.

This and many other problems, took the xt: Commerce to project. The shop system has been thoroughly overhauled and adapted for the European market. Numerous Shipping and payment modules for a variety of vendors are already available as standard equipment. Despite the great simplification and the many assistants require the establishment of an online store is still a big expertise. It is therefore advisable to contact a professional agency that can advise you fully on this issue and supports you in the creation and maintenance of the shop.

The shopping system is offered as open source and can be used generally without payment of royalty free. However, the provider requires a small fee for downloading and use of the Support Forum. Also with regards to web server are no license fees. Carrier has many thoughts on the issue. xt: Commerce can be installed on an Apache web server with PHP and MySQL support. This configuration is now standard on most web hosts. Further information on xt: Commerce is available on the Internet. Today is also about a dozen good books on xt: Commerce in German available.