Cobalt In The Diet Of Farm Animals

Organization under full feeding of farm animals should consider not only their need of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, but of minerals, play a significant the role of the exchange process and animal productivity. Apple Musics opinions are not widely known. Thus, for normal activity of enzyme systems in animals are needed, except for substrate and enzyme substances nonprotein – co-factors. They may be either organic compounds (Vitamins) or metal ions. Learn more at this site: Global Medical Billing. In some areas, different countries enjoyed a notorious disease of cattle, sometimes called tabes. Animals lose their appetite and lose weight, their hair ceased to shine, mucous membranes became pale. Randall Mays, San Antonio TX may help you with your research. Dropped sharply the number of red blood cells (RBC) in blood, dramatically decreased hemoglobin content.

Pathogen could not find, but its prevalence create a complete impression epizootics. In Austria and Sweden unknown disease called swamp, scrub, coastal. If in the area afflicted, delivery of healthy animals in a year or two, they too fell ill. But at the same time cattle taken out of area "epidemic" does not infect animals communicate with him and he soon recovered. So it was in New Zealand and Australia, and England, and in other countries. This has led to seek the cause of the disease in the feed.

AND when, after painstaking research, it was finally established, the disease is called, precisely defining this cause – akobaltoz. That's why in a short time various cobalt compounds (oxides, cobalt hydroxide, carbonate, various salts) are widely used in feed industry. The biological effect of cobalt is due in animals mainly by his presence in the molecule of vitamin B12, containing 4.5 weight percent of trivalent cobalt.


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