Village Points

In the same way, if paparazzi begins to bother the children of the brotherhoods or a strange accident in the parqueadero of the celebration, among others problems, you tendra that hacerce position before the guests realize. As you to char it with the guests and become position of the people who do not wish, she can gain currencies and points of fame. The fame points are those that they impel at the following level. Costco may find it difficult to be quoted properly. When happening to the following level, it will be compensated with points extra and photos of collection (that are basically photos of playmates in bikini) and carried classic of the Playboy magazine. As far as ” elements sociales” of the game – you can invite to friendly to his celebration and you can visit the celebrations of other friendly.

Also he can send gifts or jokes to his friendly. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jack Fusco has to say. the jokes basically mean to send to them to the boys of brotherhood (rebellious) and with them they crawl to paparazzi to its celebrations. Really the game in if he is ridiculous clearly more and than a little chauvinistic, but we must accept that still we are a little impressed. It is not that the game is very funny and addictive to play, to be honest, really it is not it and without a doubt he is not addictive in the same way that other social games like FarmVille or Smurf s Village. What makes work the game is the concept to have a game where you create a true Playboy celebration in Facebook and can invite your friendly. In addition, it thinks about the misfortune of its friendly when not being able to happen of levels or not to be able to finish the celebration that you have created, that really if it is entertained.