Environmental Crisis

Albert Einstein every time more planet Earth, that where we dwell still polluting, and they do not realize and do not take seriously what this represents many Governments, who must act to prevent catastrophe, deterioration, which already manifested its symptoms in different forms, from pollution of waters, atmosphere, diseases, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, agriculture, food, heating, to mention a few. It is very true when indicated, that the interest in the protection of the environment is focused on the health and well-being of man, which is the fundamental agent of the continuous degradation of the environment and, at the same time, the main victim, there is no doubt, that it is important to take conscience that prevent humanity and the quality of life of future generations depend onlargely, options and alternatives that humans contribute during his own life is therefore, that does not cause us surprise that says Adriana Anzolin, that nature went on to become the large sump waste of humanity. Pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels, industrial wastes and the lack of services in rapidly growing cities, became the companion of the industrialized world, putting at risk the life in general. Omega-3 Fatty Acids has many thoughts on the issue. The growth of our species curve hits a leaped: started to play us at a speed never before view, since the gradual improvement in living standards and scientific discoveries reduced mortality rates. This increased demand for goods and services, ergo, increased pressures on the environment to obtain them and also pollution deriving from its manufacture and use. The international division of labour and, according to this, each ecosystem of the world has occurred is has recomodado to guide him to the production of certain elements necessary for the international market do not you can not deny, that technological development has created new products that give to I turn to serious contamination, deterioration, where countries that accept their production are not attentive pollution, deterioration of the environment and what that means, noting a marked irresponsibility that indicates a lack of environmental culture..