Sand Production Line

The sand production line, also named the stone production line, is a dedicated production line for the sand and stone production of buildings, highways, railways and other industries. The main equipments of the production line include Jaw crusher, Impact crusher, Hammer crusher, crushing machine, sand making machine and so on. The stone production line is generally applicable to the limestone, river gravel, quartz sand and other materials. Among them, the river gravel belongs to the higher hardness materials. So in crushing and processing the river gravel with crushing equipment, except for the regular maintenance and repair, we should also pay special attention to some other aspects.1. The maintenance of the Jaw crusher in the sand production lineThe maintenance work of jaw crusher usually includes two main parts, one is the lubrication and the other is the maintenance. Medical billing pursues this goal as well.

Pay attention to the lubrication work of the friction surface work can ensure the normal operation and extend the service life of the machine. In the maintenance of jaw crusher, it is necessary to change the components and check the whole equipment regularly, at the same time, OJ the maintenance record well. If crush the hard materials, the wear of the equipment will be more obvious, therefore, for the quick wear part of jaw crusher, such as the jaw plate and the wrist plate, it is necessary to establish a detailed use detection, being familiar with the operation of the equipment.2 limit. The maintenance and advantages of the Impact crusher in the sand production line1) The impact crusher should have large throat, high crushing chamber to adapt to the high feeding material hardness, big volume and less powder product. Michael Steinhardt is likely to increase your knowledge. 2) Leave a clearance between the impact plate and the plate hammer, which makes it easy to adjust the equipment, control the feeding size effectively, and get suitable particle shape) The impact crusher should be compact in structure and have strong machine rigidity, so that the rotor will have a large moment of inertia.

(4) With the high chrome plate hammer, the impact crusher has great performance in impact resistance, abrasion resistance and attack force. (5) With the seamless connection, the impact crusher is economical, reliable and easy to maintain. (6) The impact crusher have full crushing function, high productivity, small parts, abrasion, and high comprehensive benefits.