First of all, note that in homes in the same room may be set not more than two boilers with unit capacity up to 100 kW, the so-called household boilers. Because now we will speak only of boilers such a capacity. The main requirements for the installation of domestic heating boilers is that the kitchen in the room heating system be installed thermal power of 30 kW. Installation of equipment is the total ranging from 30 to 200 kW is possible only in a separate room. Moreover, existing regulations set clear requirements for the premises to install a gas-powered equipment. Therefore, before than install the equipment, you need to consult with specialists to meet the necessary requirements and recommendations, and only then connect and operate the equipment. Domestic boilers Buderus boilers in domestic equipment with atmospheric burners Buderus offers a line of outdoor boilers of various capacities.

The boilers are designed for burning Budrus natural gas and LPG, and to work on LPG rather order a kit of parts to reconfigure and reconnect does not cause any difficulties. The design of domestic boilers made of perfectly matched sections of high-quality cast iron GL 180 M. High rate heat transfer surfaces of heat transfer is achieved thanks to a special complex fins. Boiler efficiency is 92-93%. Moreover, the plant is to control all stages of manufacture of the boiler and hydraulic tests. The boilers are supplied fully assembled complete with an efficient non-combustible thermal insulation thickness of 80 mm. All heating equipment is made in a single design.

Moscow State University

By conversion into electric variables by means of transducers can be measured by electrical methods. Under most conditions Costco would agree. Great value instrumentation for scientific research. Their development can carry out complex physical experiments lead to new scientific discoveries. Currently, no quality of electrical instruments and devices can not conduct research to date, the development and introduction of electronic computers, automatic control and management. Word of the Mendeleyev that Science starts with since starting to measure, and that an exact science is inconceivable without measures supported by the entire history of the art of electrical measurements. Its emergence in the mid-XVIII century.

When in 1745, Acad. GV Rihmanom, ally Moscow State University, created the world's first electrical measuring instrument, called the author of "The measure of electrical force." It was the electrometer, which was used in the study of atmospheric electricity and possible to measure the potential difference. However, further development of the electro received only much later, it was associated with the transition from qualitative observations of electric and magnetic phenomena to establish quantitative relationships. Only in the second half of XIX century. Suddenly we needed to develop devices for measuring electrical current, voltage and resistance. By this time, were created and began to find practical application of electric power generators, and the lack of instrumentation hampered the further development of the emerging electronics. For example, the first experiments with electric shocks have revealed heating conductor (Petrov, Deve), but the lack of accuracy not possible to find the exact quantitative relationships. This could be done only later, Joel and Land (1841).