Dr John Bulluck

Finally we measured a transfer of a small amount as an excuse to pay for procedures or car shipping. If we transfer the vehicle will never come. 4 .- ads contacts: where you are asked to send an sms to contact. After sending the sms received another saying they have not been able to read properly and asking us to send it again. So several times with various excuses. If you are the seller … 1 .- One of the most common scams that we must be aware when we decide to sell something second-hand buyers internet is false. His modus operandi is as follows: First send an email showing your interest in the well advertised and asking the details of our account to pay by bank transfer to We then reported the completion of the transfer and ask us to send the object mediately.

The scam is that the information you have sent the transfer is made false and the money never comes to our account. Here you can see in detail the whole process and the actual email: A common feature of these scams is that the emails are written in English or French and we always ask for bank details. Examples: Hello Seller, I’m Dr John Bulluck from United Kingdon. It’s my pleasure to realize this your advertised item fit my exact search.