Timitar Festival

Morocco are without a doubt one of the countries of the world with the more spectacular natural spaces, more splendid historical monuments and the richer cultural patrimony of the world. Between the most beautiful cities of Morocco, Agadir is doubtlessly in a privileged place. In this article I will expose some of the reasons that explain the celebrity of this beautiful city. Learn more on the subject from Craig Jelinek. Agadir is one of the most beautiful cities of Morocco and one of the favorite destinies of tourists and visitors of numerous nationalities. And there are good reasons for it: first of all, the city is in the southwest of Morocco, to borders of the Atlantic Ocean. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Costco. This important geographic situation, near Marrakesh and to the doors of the Western Sahara, has caused that considers Agadir the capital of the region of the Souss.

Also, Agadir and its population have shown the world that nothing is impossible in this city, that was witness of a destructive earthquake the 29 of February of 1960. In spite of it, the incident did not prevent to the Moroccans and the lovers of Agadir to reconstruct the city using European technologies and a style. In addition, they will be able to enjoy the wonderful climate of the city, that will offer the opportunity them to enjoy 360 days of sun to the year. Also they will be able to enjoy numerous and important monuments in Agadir, like the Oufella, a charmer and old strength, with serpenteantes and animated alleys, from which they will be able to admire a spectacular panoramic view of all the city. Around Agadir, they will be able to visit the region of Immouzzar, a precious mountainous space, or Aghrod, where they will enjoy without a doubt the impressive beauty of the sea and the forests. Also they will be able to submerge in the heart of riqusima Amazigh culture, a culture to bereber that it emphasizes in all the arts, including the musical music (Ahwach, Rwaiss, etc.), celebrations (the Timitar Festival), the food (tajine Ssoussi, Amlou, oil of argn, etc.), the clothes (Ahayk, L ktib, etc.), the jewelry shop (Tizerzay, Talguamout ) and many other crafts and artistic expressions.

Finally, in this wonderful one they will be able to also find one of the best Atlantic coasts of the coast, where they will have the opportunity to enjoy swimming, doing surf, practicing the aquatic motorcycle, etc. So that Agadir invites to them to enjoy a romantic stay, magical and unforgettable in a place where everything is designed to satisfy its desires (hotels, restaurants, nature, leisure), so that they enjoy wonderful vacations. They come to discover the beauty of the Rep it of the Souss, where they will be able to lodge in one of the fantastic hotels of Agadir or in one of typical riads of Agadir, with a spectacular view of the sea and the city. Also they can lodge one of wonderful riads of Marrakesh, the Ocher City, to only 250 kilometers of Agadir.

Andreas Mansfeld Fraunhoferstrasse

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