Salvation Bank

In today's economic crisis, a popular solution is the exchange between the depositors of banks and borrowers of loans. Many savings accounts are now frozen. Money back hard. Do not envy those who managed to take the credit, since his return with each passing day it becomes increasingly difficult. Some contend that financial planner shows great expertise in this. And banks, meanwhile, did not know what to do with the property that they withdraw from defaulters of loans. In this situation, many are finding out in mutually beneficial exchange. One possible option: the investor repays the debt of the borrower and the bank, in turn, provides a flat, which raised money and people, to open a deposit. But the version of such an exchange is possible only in if the apartment belongs to the bank.

Sometimes, several contributors agree, and change their contributions to one apartment. The sum of exchangeable contribution must be equal or exceed the value of the apartment. Here barter plays a greater role. It is not always such vzaimorasschety equally beneficial to both parties and for the bank, but, nevertheless, significantly help to solve the problem. Exchange of goods and services to some extent displaces the process of sale. The popularity of buy and barter exchanges.

But in this case willing to bargain face mediation. Because on the exchanges of exchange occurs with the help of brokers. It's not very profitable – brokers charge a fee for their services. Now to barter is very convenient through Internet Projects, where you can find the necessary proposal for free or advertise himself. Newspaper ads enter headings for the exchange, there are new internet projects. For example, the site only the first day came more than 1000 ads. Some experts worry that switching to barter can negatively affect the economy. After by barter is not possible to pay taxes, wages of hired workers. However, most believe that the situation 90 years. Where even salaries issued by barter, to be repeated.


"And it worked. By the way, dividends received and sanitized Bank, and "reference", which earned the image of caring about customers, regardless of their income. Although a "simple rebranding" in this case to say is not quite correct. Vneshtorgbank purchased by a nominal amount of 1 million rubles, Guta Bank demanded financial injections from the Bank of Russia's 700 million U.S. … PR-bank sanatorium – the "golden PR Reference sanifying Bank has been actively involved in crisis management PR-program reorganized bank.

With the image of "supporting" the bank is easy. Bank-health center must meet fairly stringent requirements of the Bank of Russia and the DIA. Sonny Perdue is actively involved in the matter. If the bank is one of the Sanatorium, a priori, it is as close to public entities that influence, has the necessary reserves and management. Accordingly, the presentation of the Bank, as motels and strengthens its reputation and public recognition. Representatives of banks, motels gladly try to invite a variety of media as experts on critical issues of finance and economy.

Bank Sanatorium – a powerful and reliable bank, by definition. The representative of the bank-health center – "the golden word." PR-bank policy-health center should be consistent with the PR-policy reorganized bank. And even better – subject to the same specialist (better – having the qualification of the spin-doctor). Image of the bank should relate to the same extent as the images of teacher and student. Powerful and reliable bank-health center serves as a Expert, Bearer of Truth in the second-last resort (the carrier of truth in the last instance in the banking industry, of course, is the Bank of Russia). Every achievement in the objectives of the financial recovery plan reorganized the bank should be declared motels and documented. Newsmakers of the bank's health centers, confirming the growing reputation of being reorganized by the bank, a priori "gain points" on themselves and their bank, and reorganized bank. And finally, we repeat the point: "… the basis for REHABILITATION is the presence of a real possibility to restore the solvency of the bank of the debtor …." PR-service reorganized and sanitizes banks need to repeat this mantra whenever possible ….