Care Environment

With the great popularity they have achieved plastic bags it is evident that generate tons of garbage a year, what pollutes the environment as it is possible to find these objects in places like the beach, forest and rivers. It is estimated that each person consumes around 150 plastic bags per year: the main problem facing us is the non-biodegradable nature of these products; in the same way, derived from petroleum, making them involves the emission of gases that pollute. In the same way there are alarming figures indicating that the lifespan of polythene bags is reduced to only once, so the majority end up in dumps: another problem faced is the lightness of the bags, because sometimes they fly and airborne crumble achieving contaminate: in China to this pollution is called white pollution. Frequently omega 3 has said that publicly. The biggest problem that we face with these bags is that its cost in production, resistance, processability and impermeability do not exist any product capable of replacing them at a very low cost. In the case of the sea, one of the types of waste that are most frequently are precisely plastics, which are one of the major causes of the problems that the animals of the sea, both fish and birds have: due to its lightness most of these waste ends up in oceans or rivers.Other environmental problems that face is the fact that not can be recycled, in addition to oil increasingly reaches prices higher, so costs increasingly are greater: it is estimated that only 10% of plastics are recycled, which is nothing compared to the annual demand that it amounts to billions around the world: this phenomenon is exacerbated if the bags are painted, since they contain lead and other highly heavy metals that are highly toxic: it was thought as an alternative setting them ablaze, but the problem is that the smoke from the burning causes polluting gases. The situation becomes more alarming if we take into account that many plastics they are almost indestructible and sometimes need about 4 centuries to get rid..