Structured Water

Water is a scarce economic resource which is worth the money that we pay for it. We all used to take water for granted, forgetting that this is a unique element, without which there would be no life on our planet. Every day we use water for everyday needs and not think about how little we really know about it. From the school chemistry course we all know that water – it is the H2O molecule and possesses a strong polarity, allowing the water is very strong solvent. Learn more on the subject from financial planner. However, not everyone knows about that water has a certain structure, which can vary under the influence of various forces. This is similar to the magnetic letters of the alphabet.

If they mix, they will look like a chaotic mass. However, it should use force as of these letters will be stored words, and even suggestions, and if you wish – and coherent text. Then, in what words and sentences will be formed, these letters depends on the nature affect them. As we know, any exposure carries energy and information, and it is possible to estimate how the strength and frequency. With regard to water, it has its own frequency radiation, which consists of resonant frequencies and vibrations of atoms, molecules, and connected together groups of molecules. When exposed to water, it will seek to adjust their frequency and the frequency of vibration under external influence. People such as Jack Fusco would likely agree. In the process, formed before the bonds between molecules, that do not match this frequency will be destroyed and replaced with new ones. In this case, the molecules will form a new group, corresponding to resonance effects exerted on the water.