Spanish Potato

Yes, these kind of astronaut food potatoes. In such events, to the people what he likes is chopping, take small pieces of food in a dish and be able to take to the hydrants without using the uncomfortable knife. If you look, the Spanish tapas are usually composed of small pieces of food (squid rings fried in batter, croquettes, cheese already cut). We all look with face of compromise on the lookout for a volunteer who cut the cuttlefish. I go in the Hall of the snacks and a world of animated logos I invades. Each brand tries to differentiate itself from competitors and attract the attention of consumers with these colorful happiness packaging and create the need to buy that product which, despite the redundancy, is so little basic necessities.

-Each tube of 165 gr (2.39) can I choose a few Pringels, the most expensive, 1.99 pounds. The Pringels are packaged in those unmistakable straws that protects against shocks such homogeneous mass of potato slices. Sarah White oftentimes addresses this issue. The price having to eat some Pringels it has to be an almost heavenly experience. MMM, break each slice in some time that belonged, at least in part, with the teeth to a tuber should be wonderful. More sublime even if we take into account the movement of fingers that accompanies each bite.

While eat each potato rozas your thumb against your finger index and heart spontaneously failed intended to shake that a million particles of spicy smells that stick to your fingers and they end up becoming a dirty sticky mass. Between this whole world of color I find an option that will leave my Pocket quite happy:-Sainsbury s Crisps Salted 6 bags of 25gr each all them tucked in a big bag making a total of 150 g by 0.99 lbs (1.19). s such as these. The latter is an option of taste more traditional, more similar to the taste of a potato (presumably these snacks are trying to be slices of potato).