Semana Santa In Andalucia Travel

Easter is one of the most representative religious holidays in Spain to be celebrated across the country. But if there is an autonomous community which lives with particular fervor, that is Andalusia. Thousands of tourists flock to Andalusia during this special week is held on the first full moon of spring. This Christian feast commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus, in addition to the Passion of Christ. Educate yourself with thoughts from Air Force Chief of Staff . Holy Week begins with the end of Lent ((Palm Sunday to Easter Wednesday) and ends with the Easter (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday). About 60 guilds go in procession with pictures Virgin and the Passion of Christ to the delight of tourists and locals. The processions are a parade where participants sorted penitents who carry candles. usually sounds instrumental music in its path, unless they are silent processions.

The For Holy Week in Seville is very special. This is one of the most important in Spain, not mean the most. sta a enjoys an international reputation in the Catholic world and has been declared of International Tourist Interest party. In Seville the following saints are venerated, the Lord of Seville, the Christ of the Expiration (Cub). But in addition to a religious holiday, Easter is a highly valued cultural period.For more entrenched customs Spain travel to Andalusia and visit the Holy Week. Stay in for a pleasant stay.