1.0Apresentao In accordance with the National Curricular Lines of direction for the courses of graduation in Psychology and with the proposal of interdisciplinaridade foreseen in the pedagogical project of the course of Psychology of the Facultieses Loved Jorge, the professors of 2 semester of course of Psychology of the period of learning semester 2007,1 responsible ones for them you discipline Beddings Filosficos and Epistemolgicos of Psychology, Theories of the Learning, Experimental Psychology, Theories of the Development, Neurocincias I and Statistics Applied to Psychology, had elaborated the proposal of the work to interdisciplinar that it consists of the elaboration of a theoretician-practical report, identifying in diverse contexts the process of learning in the child. The work will have to approach specific contents of each one disciplines of them, in a joint to interdisciplinar that it allows to explore the subject considered. Our team approached a subject that today involves the majority of the children in Brazil, independent of social classroom: as the livened up drawing can intervene with the behavior and with assimilation of the knowledge on the part of the children, as it can be served of positive or negative form in the day-day in classroom, as the violence presented in these drawings can modify the assimilation of repertoires in its daily one and its school., having in hand the pertaining to school results as a form to evaluate this type of influence. Bed Bath and Beyond contains valuable tech resources. The gotten answers can in showing ways to them to understand as this process intervenes with the learning of the child and as it can be understood of clear form the effect of the exposition of these children to an entertainment instrument that is spread out and shown massivamente, that it is the livened up drawing. 2.0Objetivo 2.1? General objective To reflect if the drawings livened up violent intervenes with the pertaining to school performance of children. .