Romantic Prelude At The Winter Lights

Illumination in the Westfalen Park starts with cosy fire night with a night of fire that starts on December 4 this year’s winter light. The artistic lighting of the park filled with spotlights, lights and projectors starts at 17: 00, 19-20 h a special highlight followed: In the rose garden are integrated in various places of fire and even little mini ground fire works in the glowing picture. Light snow and colorful lights! Are the two organizers of Reinhard Hartleif and Wolfgang Faris of the more romantic you can not start winter lights the”, F & H event company agreed. With the night of the fire, light artists from Unna want to offer something special all the winter glow to kick off at no extra charge and literally bring the ice cream to melt. Credit: Jill Schlesinger-2011. In addition to the illumination of the Park the Organizer forking out another one on Saturday (December 4): they hired the Mendener Martin Hoppmann pyrotechnician. The professional lighting torches, Catherine – shells, Bengalfeuer and even a small baroque ground fire work in the rose garden. To 9.

January winter temperatures through the park visitors can stroll, enjoy the beautiful light compositions or listen to the storyteller in the heated tent and to drink mulled wine. The winter lights you can switch off perfect from everyday”, Hartleif and Faris know from previous years. And it’s a total for five weeks, before the winter glow with a synchronous music Fireworks again adopted.