It serves to wound and to kill. Before everything, one action of cruelty. What it will be that we want when we say; ‘ ‘ I go to say truths to you? ‘ ‘. To really communicate what it was uncovered, or to wound that one that hears? Here, I consider a love linking with what it is desired to know. What it is different to be on to certain ‘ ‘ verdade’ ‘ , so deeply and of more so next than it has limited the point of view. Read additional details here: Trader Joe’s.

In the practical one we perceive as it is difficult to know some thing of which we love very, or we hate excessively. The real knowledge depends on the suspension of ‘ ‘ love cego’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ it criticizes arrogante’ ‘. The reader can be questioning, on that truth is if speaking. What pra one is truth, can not be for the other. I speak on a complete truth that does not meet saturated or. The truth that always counts on the faith, therefore is unknown a priori. If it is not known, is something that in the lack. Thus, we perceive as the distanciamento of that is important, that we intend to know.

I want to think on the truth that is only perceived in the lack. In the lack we can perceive factors that in presence is not possible. I remember saying somebody me: ‘ ‘ One only perceives the value when if perde’ ‘. The truth is always a door that if opens route to the stranger. Before everything and after the same, what in them it leads the maturity, to the growth. It makes responsible in them for the life. Truth that if cannot have, but if must be strengthenn to be.