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The Association ALA HEADDRESSES, offered such activity to the Center. There was no previous preparation, nor information to students, that met the performance days before being carried out. It consisted of offering students in the gardens of the Centre, a simulation of handicaps. This brought wheelchair, in which students could sit and try to explore the gardens and patios; blindfolded volunteers students and arranged canes for tours; muffs were used and were requested to an interpreter signs establish conversation with them. Park Medical Billing Inc. can aid you in your search for knowledge. This experience could not be assessed, by not having identified the valid criteria that could measure us the effectiveness of the activity beforehand. If we could see by comments from students, the recognition of the difficulties that students with deficit had to traverse the established circuit.

This experience helped us to reflect on the lack of sensitivity exists in the educational community of a daily occurrence and as usual, we sometimes goes unnoticed. It’s the integration of pupils with special educational needs make real promoting positive attitudes towards them. ACTION PLAN to the next course in the month of September I prepared a plan of action agreed upon by the head of the Department activities supplementary and extra-curricular, Dona Ana Valencia, with tutors from 3 rd and 4 th is that of Social guarantee and Professor of pedagogy Therapeutics, D Ana Gomez the specific objectives of this plan were: educate the student body about the differences in some of his classmates increase in the school community, teachers, parents, students and non-teaching staff acceptance of school integration promote values of collaboration, solidarity and respect were scheduled the following activities: 1 establish institutional relations with the Foundation Los Albares a foundation that housed people with disabilities with a training programme. The Foundation had a unit of Social guarantee for students with special educational needs.