Persian Warriors

And over there they wanted to target. Leonidas, King of Sparta and son of Anaxandrides (who claimed descent from Hercules himself), became aware of this movement and soon fell into account that Xerxes, Darius unlike, not sought only revenge but rather subject them to all. Leonidas decided then to adelantar them. Despite this, he faced obstacles from the outset since in addition to the adverse prophecy of the mediums, Sparta was in the sacred feasts of rest called Carnias. Leonidas, who no longer wanted to waste any more time, brought together the 300 best warriors of their homeland (with their respective 600 Hoplites as each warrior was going with his two servants). Fortunately, a group of warriors volunteers of the Greek cities joined him and thus, according to Herodotus, they were divided in 500 men of Tegea, Mantinea 500, 120 of Orchomenus and 1,000 Hoplites from the rest of Arcadia (400 of Corinth, 200 of Phlius, 80 of Mycenae, 700 thespians, 400 Thebans, 1,000 phocians and all locros) while every force had its own general, all were Leonidas service thanks to the skill and fame which had the Spartans when fighting. In total they reached almost add 5 thousand men, a tiny figure against the superb Persian army. Once arrived Leonidas to Thermopylae, met with those who were there already and were prepared to resist the most that could be.

Xerxes was considered ridiculous to confront them so she decided to wait that they alone, to see their huge forces, withdrew peacefully. After four days and without seeing the Greeks to move from their positions, on the fifth day before attacking, I send a Messenger to invite them to leave. When this invited these men to lay down their arms, Leonidas told him with fury: come and pick them up! There started this incredible chapter in the history of mankind.