New Product Structure

The submissions-Anzeiger Verlag, Publisher of the submissions Gazette newspaper and database for public and private tenders – headquartered in Hamburg, launches new product variants in the summer: Hamburg, in may 2013 – in addition to the new naming – the database products online-light and online direct online plus 20 and online plus 300, the innovation concerns above all the content. The good news for all online customers is that we succeeded, to create additional services and even new product variants, even more accurately tailored to the customer’s request in the online space”, says Florian Lauenstein, Managing Director of submissions-Anzeiger Verlag. So, customers of the former product get online direct not more 200, but now 300 announcement texts delivered by email per month. This additional service such as newly completed, now online plus 300 subscription gets automatically each existing, without having to pay a penny more. For online users, which so far only the free search option in have used the job database, the submissions indicator now offers the online plus 20. This product variant will be pleased just those, which would require only a few notice texts, due to their specialization but on the convenient E-Mail delivery service don’t miss out”, so Florian Lauenstein.

Of course, the free search in the job database for both products is maintained. For all online products of the submissions Gazette, except the e, there is still the possibility to specify search profiles. The nationwide daily newspaper is also an integral part of the product range of the submissions Gazette. The new dismissal times remain as usual short with a period of 14 days for the relevant period and uniform.