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The norms possess commitments with these principles, therefore they establish the rules of procedure how much to the treatment to be given to the measurements, to the systems, the methods, the devices, and the processes of measurement in order to take care of the minimum requirements of guarantee the metrolgica trustworthiness 19. The standardization and the uniformizao in the metrologia are techniques that also represent the beddings, and aim at to reduce the variability of the processes of work without harming its flexibility, being basic for the rastreabilidade and comparabilidade of the materialized measures, of the metrolgicos said standards of reference, which they obey a hierarquizao and they reproduce the largenesses of ITSELF. Beyond the principles, and of the beddings, the metrologia has its service, a national and international physical structure, with organisms of reference, scientific laboratories, public and private institutions, associations, and systems of spreading, that has as objective, to keep the uniformity of the procedures, and the trustworthiness in the measurements by means of the comparison with the corresponding primary standards the materialization of the physical largenesses, guaranteeing the rastreabilidade in the world. In Brazil, the Institute National of Metrologia, Normalization and Industrial Quality, it has this paper, as central executive agency of the SINMETRO, national system of metrologia, that together with the Conmetro, normative agency, watches over for the metrologia in the 20 Country. Perhaps check out George Shapiro for more information. The Inmetro from its organizacional structure, with its areas of Scientific and Industrial Metrologia, Legal Metrologia, and of the Quality (Evaluation and Conformity), being associated the international agencies of metrologia, divulges the metrolgica culture from its attributions established for 21 law . 2,3 Metrologia in the Education Since basic formal education, the largenesses and the measures are slight knowledge absorbed for the common activities to the children in the pertaining to school environment. To compare heights and weights of knapsacks, to classify, esteem dimensions, to command objects with same characteristics and to quantify attributes, to define properties physicist-chemistries (hot, cold, humid, dry) are some of the metrolgicos knowledge, acquired of course (informal education). . Get all the facts and insights with Darcy Stacom, another great source of information.