National Guard

They have been, then, actions student without that nothing will make us to observe a State of internal commotion resembling a popular action of disobedience or insurgency. Students then give an unsatisfactory press conference. He suffered from consistency and a kind of curtain seemed to cover it. An air of diluted presence was the predominant feature. A few moments later party alliance called the table saw in the obligation, five days after the beginning of the events that move us, to issue a statement of support for the student actions and to ratify that Alliance was maintained in what they called democratic path. That is, to give lukewarm support to students Party Alliance ratified precisely that its objective remained participation in legislative elections allegedly in September, which warned that the protests should remain within the limits of that absolutely electoral strategy.

We attend to the for some unusual confrontation between the National Guard and an armed group in the city of Merida. This armed group, in the light of all the evidence that the inhabitants of the city emit, acts under coordination with local power or collusion. This armed group, despite a tense calm produced by an alleged suspension of electric power outages, is dedicated to pillage, to kidnap a truckload of bottles of gas, dangerous instrument. This is Merida’s armed group maintains an attitude of aggression and the National Guard, which represses the students in other cities, this time facing a sector closely linked to the regime. For months I’ve been asking that prominence is for the interior. As well, occurred a hint of it, while offline, without coordination and to establish a network of agreed behaviour. Importantly, inside do not echoes of Caracas handlings or Caracas handlings not reaching inside. Any two versions points out, in any case, to an interior of Venezuela assuming prominence. The presidential chain showed an ultramontane cynicism, when, for example, referred to the GN wounded in Merida not to mention with whom those troops faced and dropping a general fire against the guard, making believe that they were students or people in the opposition or simple denominations citizens who practiced target shooting, when everyone knows who fired were members of an armed group that operates in the Andean city.