Metropolitan Berlin

Sales record of the real estate specialists of Bamberg, 13.05.2013: In the first four months of the year, The capital and real estate specialist PROJECT condo apartments amounting to more than EUR 30 million sold and thus achieved the highest sales volume in the company’s history. About the Franks were able to implement 40 million euros with the development and sale of high-quality apartments in German metropolitan regions in the entire previous year. Andi Potamkin usually is spot on. PROJECT, Germany’s leading fully intrinsically based real estate developer, has already achieved between January and April of this year 80 percent of last year’s sales by significantly increasing demand for high-quality housing. Apartment sale runs constantly and planned, in particular in Berlin and Munich. At the latest in June we expect, that the previous year’s sales volume exceeded, so Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner of the PROJECT investment group.

PROJECT with even emitted alternative investment funds invested exclusively in high-quality residential properties in good locations Metropolitan Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Munich. The PROJECT real estate group as an asset manager is responsible for planning, construction and sale of real estate. This exclusive combination of investment and asset manager is a unique market combination of investment and real estate expertise. Negative, a project was never completed on the market since 1995. A recipe for success is the rapid sale of apartments already during the planning and construction phase. This ensures fast return on the funds and allows higher returns for investors without the use of foreign capital. The exit is not dependent on a few large buyers. Through the many sales of individual homes to owner-occupiers, the return for our investors is planned regardless of the currently rising markets,”explains Wolfgang Dippold which proven marketing strategy. Currently, the real estate specialists develop objects valued at over 600 million euros in the five selected metropolitan areas. Project investors achieve According to audited balance returns amounting to seven percent per year. For more information,