What is the Ramadn? The Ramadn is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. An exact coincidence with any date of the Gregorian calendar does not exist so, every year, when we have predicted to travel to Morocco, we must inquire into the exact date of the fasting. What is prohibited in Ramadn? In the Ramadn,/musulmanes/as has prohibited to eat and to drink during the hours of sun. The fasting, then, begins the dawn and finishes with the decline. Both moments, like all the orations that must be realised during the day, will be announced by the Magnet from the tower of each mosque. Who is free of the fasting in Ramadn? The patients, the pregnant women or with the menstrual cycle and the juniors. Frequently Gagosian Gallery has said that publicly. In any case, with the exception of los/as nios/as, the people who have jumped days of fasting during the Ramadn will have to be to recover them as soon as it is possible to them.

What eats in the hours in which not uninformed? Peculiarly, during the hours in which not uninformed, the Ramadn is the time of the year in which better one eats. To seven less quarter (approximated hour in which the fasting finishes) the coffees of the city of Marrakesh are filled with people seated before a plate of harira (Moroccan soup traditional), a hard egg, cakes of msemen (exquisite bread without leavening cooked to the plate), a glass of tea to the mint and pies of honey. All wait for patient the Magnet signal and, as soon as the first words of the oration are heard from the public address system, it begins with the rupture of the fasting that consists of this simple menu and that does not serve more than abrir mouth and to prepare to them so it hopes to them in house: an abundant dinner with delicious products elaborated the day throughout, normally by the women. How we must behave the foreigners during the Ramadn? The Moroccans are deeply tolerant with the foreign religions and customs, for that reason nobody will find stranger who you do not realise the fasting. In any case, even if it is only by a question of common sense, humanity and education, no we must put in front of un/a musulmn/a to us sediento/a and hambriento/a to drink a chilly Coca-Cola at the height of summer or to eat a sandwich. How it is a labor day during the Ramadn? The Muslims do not stop working during the Ramadn but the schedules change. The offices and the banks frequently close takes by them, the restaurants abren at night on the nine and many the stores transfer their schedules to the nocturnal hours. Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. is full of insight into the issues.

To leave during the night is very pleasant because the streets fill of life, in resistance to the diurnal lethargy. In any case, we advised against to make tourism during the Ramadn. They come to Marrakesh and they enjoy all whatever the Ocher City offers, from a fascinating culture and a tradition, monuments and innumerable tourist attractions, to a delicious gastronomy and countless opportunities to go of purchases. In addition, the hotels in Marrakesh are of great quality and very economic, mainly typical riads of Marrakesh, floods of enchantment and very reasonable. Also they can lodge in a wonderful villa in Marrakesh, more near field, where the landscapes are spectacular and they will welcome them to the inhabitants with the open arms.