King Solomons Mines

Appreciation: Are skin-deep each feel that they love, especially my family, my esposAnita, my children: David, Nathalie, Harry and Debbie, to them I owe the desire to produce, and are responsible for direct creation of my works. There are others, many in fact, that for years have been my support, my first critics and especially my best friends, because they have given the best of their free time and have it done without expecting anything in return, today I think it is fair and necessary to mention them and leave proof of its goodwill. Mauricio Laufer, perlite Slimak, Forty Amsel, Miguel Meckler, a Marcko Glijenschi, Lila Marrero, Soraya Rodriguez, Moises Franco, Fernando Yurman, Mery Sultan, Rene Levy, Moon Sultan, my friend of the soul Cherub and others who supported me with their comments and criticisms at the time. Them particularly I dedicate this book and ask forgiveness if I did not before, and it is simple and simply because love them so much that I consider them as if we were all one. The mines of King Solomon in America Samuel Akinin Levy’s preface the author More than ten years ago was born the idea and possibility to write about this story. In an imaginary journey in time and especially within the limits of the Bible, we got full with one of the more complex characters, his life, past, passion, weaknesses, thoughts, his family and above all the way and manner that ruled his people, seduced us. Enter in the field, we could appreciate from the start, until the decadence in his elderly years. We don’t want this to become judges, as either disregard his greatness and the work that was entrusted. Happened an infinite number of circumstances all of them, that somehow approached us to the source of light, knowledge, and did not want to overlook something so important and valuable.