Isny Sponsored Walk

It happened again on Monday, July 11, 2011: 8:00 was launched for the traditional charity run of the Realschule of Isny. Since 2004, the students for the hungry run project and the Realschule Isny organizes this event with great commitment. At the end, 5,000 euros for the hunger came together project for construction projects in Malawi and Mozambique. How does the charity run? In advance of the sponsor run, the girls and boys got a sponsor card to win so-called “sponsors”. Anyone can become a sponsor: MOM, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, uncle, aunt, neighbor and who else in the circle there is. Also some teachers of the secondary school of Isny have sponsored to each other. Every runner should one, or find the best several sponsors who undertake a self chosen amount of money (E.g. Hybrid bikes has firm opinions on the matter.

50 cents or 10 euros) per kilometre past to donate. After the miles be added and paid the particular amount in the cash teacher. Also, every child will receive a certificate, noted the travelled by him on the is. All children of the 5th and 7th class – many have found also a teacher as a personal sponsor – run defined 4 km laps in the nearby nature reserve. For this, the children of 7th grade had two hours and the children of the 5th class an hour time.

Of course, all children tried to run as many laps as possible at this time. First, the Siebtklassler are started, so that then the 5th grader to do so were encouraged to overtake them. The participants were able to strengthen after every kilometer with drinks and fruit. As an additional incentive for everyone, there was still a special price for the class with the best round-cut. Maria Baum, Assistant of the hunger project e.V. was this year and was amazed: “the ambition of the participants was impressive! Especially the little ones have fought and incredible achievements. “The Organization was noteworthy: everyone knew exactly what he had to do.” All those involved have made a great contribution: the performance of teachers and students, as well as the financial equivalent of family members and friends. Even those who could not run, helped the students by their cheering. There is more information about the hunger project see: company description the hunger project is a global non-governmental organisation (NGOs) committed since 1977 for sustainable overcoming of chronic hunger. The hunger project in 12 countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America (in Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal and Uganda in India and Bangladesh; Mexico and Peru) is currently represented. There are 350 employees and around 362.000 volunteers. The international headquarters is in New York. In Germany the hunger project since 1982 as a recognized non-profit association – is currently working with about 50 volunteers active and five part-timers. Other partner countries are: Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, and the Switzerland. The hunger project focuses on three guiding principles: Mobilization to the self-responsibility, equality between women and men, as well as strengthening of local democracy. All strategies and initiatives are designed to support the eight UN Millennium development goals. The German Central Institute draws from the hunger project e.V. fur soziale Fragen (DZI) in Berlin for years with the DZI donation seal for its transparent, economical and statutory use of the donations.