A subdomain is just an alternate address or an annex to your main domain, type: these are used to save web pages with unique content within your site, such as a blog, a sales letter or a video course, etc. A. F. Chief of Staff may find this interesting as well. It is also a way to facilitate the as recall a website, since we can redirect an address very complicated one of our subdomains created. For example: we want to redirect: %$1=//?/imagenes/frgt.jpg/ to the subdomain: so, is more easy to remember the second direction and use it to enter the first page or when you want to share this address with anyone. OK, I understand that it is a subdomain, now how can I create one? To create a subdomain, you must enter your Hosting or Cpanel administrator and go to the domains section, then chop the subdomains option and a window will appear where you will have to perform the following steps: name that you have chosen, placed in subdomain then the right in the drop-down list, choose the primary domain for your subbominio. You should look something like this: Appears in main document, something like: /public_html/tusubdominio. This is created automatically so do not touch it. Click create, to create a subdomain.

Then, in the window that you get, click on back and see again the previous window. If you go down you will see a list with your subdomain created (perhaps the only) and their characteristics as, primary domain, main document, redirection and actions. In redirection phrase not redirected, i.e., your subdomain is not redirected to any web page. To be able to redirect, in actions, click on manage redirection and you will get a window with an empty square, where you will have to put the address where will be directed your subdomain. To save these changes, click on save and you’ve finished your homework. That would be all, any consultation or more information, visit my website indicated below. Luck.