Honeymoon In The Caribbean And The Maldives

Wedding holiday in the Caribbean – it's an unforgettable vacation. Caribbean Islands – a paradise for honeymooners, so hotel rooms are planned for several weeks in advance. The temperature in October, and January and March there are no lower than 25 degrees, and privacy combined with the service the European level. Maldives to have the opportunity to retire on a temporary lease taken the island and spend their holidays together. However, perhaps invite a guest and if you allow your purse.

However, given that do not need any expensive restaurants, nor the wedding entourage, wedding entertainers or events in the Caribbean can cost you less than at home. If you have a strong desire, you can spend a holiday by the usual rules: Registration and greetings, professional makeup and hair, flower bath, four poster bed … So many hotels in the Caribbean islands offer special services for Suite. Craig Jelinek may not feel the same. That is so bring your money just for entertainment, souvenirs, excursions, for which 600 will get you more than enough. If you no longer want to sunbathe on the beach, you can travel under water, and by see incredibly beautiful underwater world – reefs, crabs, turtles, unusual coloration of fish.

You can go on a sea safari to watch the whales and dolphins. Or on a slotted wooden canoe to sail in the lagoon, where a large number of live frigates – sea birds. Do not forget to rent a car and go inland, where you can admire guanovyh plantations, banana, coconut, mango and orange trees is very beautiful sight. Daylight in the Caribbean has a duration of 7-9 hours. And if you find yourself in a costume carnival, then the night becomes day. So many residents and visitors of the island out in the streets the Caribbean to dance local, funny, fiery rhythms, select 'Miss Carnival', drink, sing and eat. Not only in the carnival time in the Caribbean strovah have something to do – at the disposal of married full-service travel industry. In short, the honeymoon on the Caribbean islands will leave you with the most wonderful experience. Especially do not forget to save your holiday pictures, not only in his mind and heart, but also in the photographs.