Heavenly Fair

Simultaneously there was constant communication with the population of the city – data exchange and 'protection' of key facilities. This festival had an international status – this time it involved the crew of athletes from . The following 2005, 'Heavenly Fair' continued an 'air battles', continuing to successfully expand and create the desire to participate in amateur aeronautics. In that year the competition pilots flew a team from the Czech Republic. Also was fixed a lot of air Records, held the country's first parachuted from a balloon. An interesting feature of the festival was the presence of large number of visitors from remote areas. In 2005, the festival of 'Heavenly Fair' welcomed a record number of athletes – 28 aircraft could be seen in the skies of our city! By his first anniversary contest becomes very famous and popular in the Perm region, and in other countries.

According to the decision Balloon Federation contests on our land has been given the status of official sports performances, and they stood on a par with large-scale events in the Russian aeronautics. Gang of judges headed by a judge of the international category, from the Netherlands Cornelis van Helden. Crews and the public spoke positively about the program, most of 'air battles', which became the main highlight of the competitions 'Heavenly Fair'. June Festival in 2007 marked Competitions in aeronautics for the Cup of Russia. Also, the Cup has been played four of the Perm region and were 4 'air battles'. Of the new activities at the end of the festival athletes invited the attention of the public 'Dance of the Elephants' – when large aircraft the size of a tall house flew smoothly, and decreased down a dance music. Now the festival – a spectacular and original event, one of the most spectacular events in the sporting life Perm Region and Russia. The contest is now flock to dozens of crews from around the world and hundreds of thousands of visitors. Despite the official status of the event, it invariably present a cheerful, festive atmosphere and original numbers, which may meet only on holidays 'Heavenly Fair'.