Following The Dream

Fueled by the warm spring breeze caressing flow, she flitted over the blue waters of the Black Sea, breaking the mile after mile, towards the jagged coast and bays stranger to his fate. Rays of bright orange Sun made their way through the sparse cirrus clouds played happily in a blue-black velvet of her feathers. How many wonderful places she had already left for his forked tail. Venice, Milan, Paris Oh, Paris, Paris , – she sighed, recalling his cozy nest at the very top of the Eiffel Tower, the fragrance of flowers on the Champs Elysees, is mixed with the exquisite creations of the best perfumers, of her friends who live under the roof of the Louvre. If you would like to know more about Sonny Perdue, then click here. But what can you do Not everyone swallows prefer consistency. This charming, intoxicating spring fascinated her in search of new impressions, vivid emotions of new love.

Nearer the rocky shore stand in the way more cold waves, turning them into white clouds of spray and filling the air with sea freshness. Was already clearly visible a beautiful city, spread out among these bays and headlands, immersed in lush bloom and open green of the trees. "What luck!" – Thought to swallow, circling over yet unknown, but almost native streets, inhaling the scents of spring, listening to the voices of other birds – "This is the city I was looking for!" a lot of having , she sat down on a small branch of a tree and drowned in his beak, pale pink inflorescence. "Fascinating!" So many ships and monuments, surely it is a nice city. From the height of her enthusiasm to admire this celebration of life, beautiful, fun, stylish people. But it tempted Milan and Paris is not so easy surprise! But she was hopelessly in love with this city won her at first sight. Wood raced past her gaggle of other swallows, and she fell down from the branches. "What's the name of this town?" – She asked, flitting along with their new friends in the streams of the very tender breeze, which brought her here. Their enthusiastic voices merged into one: "Sevastopol!"