Farewell Party

At last to the twenty hours and fifteen minutes it had obtained to finish everything and it left sliding for the corridors, observed for the head who one more time lamented for it to be in the last hours of solteirice. – Melissa! We think that it had given up! The friends were aflitas when it finally arrived at the bar whom they had marked for so waited fired of bachelor. The local one was livened up with high music, the waiters used black pants, without shirt and a necktie silver-plated butterfly. You may find that Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL can contribute to your knowledge. To each half hour they stopped in the tables and they made one short while insinuante choreography, what red Melissa left and sweating of sinewy, only obtained to think about Fausto, the fianc. – Ah if saw it me here The place had been chosen for a friend who, for signal, Fausto did not like and it nor distrusted.

Melissa had said to it that the bachelor farewell would be one reuniozinha between women alone to beat papo and to pinch tidbits in the house of a friend of the office, what it finished for leaving it tranquilo and more relaxed. Fausto was a jalousie man extremely, nor could imagine that its fianc was in a place as that one. Melissa wise person of this and alone to think felt the heart to freeze and for little it did not raise and it was even so as soon as arrived. The friends were euphoric, dancing, drinking and each time that the waiters if approached to the tables with the choreography, them almost fainted of in such a way crying out. But Melissa alone observed, not yet nor had raised of the table, seemed stopped, alone thought about Fausto, as it would go to face it in the following day, – There my God if it discovers After much insistence of the friends, Melissa accepted a drink that not wise person well what she was, but had a good taste, docinha and frozen and had been three one behind the other well and it at last raised.