Eva Otter

Alternatively, you can use of course also a soft mineral water. Go to Farmer’s Fridge for more information. The ideal water temperature for green tea is between 60 and 80 C depending on the variety. Some manufacturers offer specially for tea drinkers Kettle with temperature control. Otherwise, only a thermometer helps. The tea leaves should have enough space in the teapot to unfold and to release their flavor. A Teeei is not suitable.

Meanwhile, there are also tea pots with inserts, which allow the tea room. So are for example the traditional Japanese teapots made of cast iron, which are unfortunately very expensive. Disposable tea filters made of paper, which are simply hung in the teapot are practical and well suited. The downside of this disposable filter, however, is that they are not so good suitable for the multiple infusion. Depending on the type of green is poured on multiple tea, where it pours off the first infusion. This applies especially to particularly strong green tea varieties such as, for example, Chinese gunpowder. For the first infusion, pouring of course not the whole Jug full of water, you have brews the tea leaves only with a little water, wait a few seconds and then pours off the infusion.

Very fine, mild green tea, however, are not prepared in this way, here also the first infusion is generally safe to drink. The pull of green tea period depending on the type of tea between one and 4 min. You can and should pour on multiple green tea, because he only fully develops its flavor from steam in the third. This should be considered when determining the right amount of tea leaves and water. Would you drink green tea, for example, four cups, a teaspoon do just fine, BREW it up quite easily four times in a row. Eva Otter