Economic Development

People who have traditional attitudes and has only experiences traditional economic organization – can not understand due to what under the influence of any economic laws such grandiose results Now in particular, is very intense correspondence, meetings and other ways to communicate with officials of Ministry of Economic Development, where specialists, heads of departments and directors of departments spend a lot of time and require more and more documents in the hope to reveal the secret of success from the application of this innovations in practice. I think that this is an inefficient way of cost of effort of the state structure. There is now time to search for reasons for disclosure mechanisms, but there is an urgent need for immediate application of this method throughout the country. Let us use the method in practice, and officials, scientists and researchers suppose then, based on the results, looking for reasons for success and output patterns! Why support the method of government? The fact is, and this must be prepared outlining each person to try to apply the method in my own practice, that under the circumstances, the business, working on the proposed principles – will not last long. Once Surrounding find that your company before this was not much success, "suddenly, unexpectedly starts to get more profit, begins to create competition in their own environment – it immediately attacked. This may be local officials, security forces can, can the bandits, the director may be similar enterprises, enjoying the patronage of the regional leadership. But the result is always the same.

Your business or take over or liquidate! Most often, as a justification put forward the idea that a modernized enterprise "wrong" is exercised, "wrong" shared resources "wrong" the payments are so similar. That is why the method is vital to support or approval, or recognition of the legitimacy of the state structures. Ministry, of course, enjoy the possibilities of resuscitation crumbling business but to approve it only if they agree to get to where the dog is buried in the high efficiency of the new organization. That's marking time for the second year. And the situation is, all persistent and insistent calls for a wide application of the method!