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Complex planning process of a fair participation Advisor is simplified by the to make the fair successfully, numerous planning steps in the preparation must be made, and many decisions must be made even during the trade fair. Starting from the selection of the correct fair up to the successful trade fair stand concept as well as the structure of the fair system reach the planning steps. But even the personnel and the trade fair follow-up need to be organized, so that after the fair, the work is still not long enough. With proper planning, the complex process of preparation of a fair participation can be enormously relieved and lead to a smooth running. So that each step is taken into account, help fair – Advisor to take all factors into account, they are still too small. Ranging from the selection of the appropriate State concept to trade fair follow-up extends the range of guides and checklists, and thus provides the appropriate basis for each planning area. Epax may also support this cause. The platform offers all the information around the mobile exhibit.

In addition to the mobile fair systems, the platform with the Download Center provides a competitive edge because all guides, check lists, statistics, and catalogues in the Download Center conveniently and easily can be downloaded. With one click, all essential information are thus directly and stored always ready to hand on the machine. The spectrum of the begins Advisor in developing a concept of the State as well as the stand design. The location and the size of the stand are central basic components, who dictate the design. Following, the question must be clarified, whether one opts for a fair system, mobile presentation systems or conventional trade fair building. The differences which separate the three ranges, are an interesting white paper on Then, the design of the fair system must be set.

Even if not to argue about taste can be, so the design must take into account some basic elements. In addition to the decisive guiding principle, the exhibits and To provide services at the Center, the murals as well as the soil, light and if necessary must be included the ceiling in the design. The point of interaction should not be forgotten, because just at the booth, the use of digital elements is important to maximize the limited space and the limited period. The list of major donors of the Council continues with the use of the stand personnel. The staff include not only its employees, but also the fair hostesses and staff in catering. Therefore, the complete personnel must be trained because every single employee for success is responsible. In particular hostess and the reception staff are often the person about the first contact takes place, so that the factor of success is often underestimated by well trained hostesses. But even after the end of the mass, the work is still not long enough. The trade fair follow-up is one of the biggest success factors, since only about 10% of the visitors with a specific intent to purchase come to a fair. With a structured Contact sheet, each conversation can be documented and fully completed. In the you will find a such contact sheet as a pattern Guidebook for a successful wrap-up. All other guides and information, visit. There, the Download Center in addition to the checklists offers many more content that can be downloaded with a single click.