David Beckham

Who doesn’t remember the wonderful games and toys that we had small when we received them at Christmas or at times of Kings. It was wonderful to wake up in the morning to find the room full of gifts, some that we had hoped and others that were a total surprise. The games I remember most are the games of dress and make-up, with which you could learn a lot if you already interested in this wonderful art world which is the makeup. Although they were not as modern as today (you can find them on the Internet, virtual games where you can apply makeup to your virtual model), it was very funny to learn in this way and they already came to glimpse our inclinations and hobbies of the future. It was difficult in those days to tell parents that they wanted to be older was makeup artist. Perhaps it is necessary to have put the professional Word back so that it acquires a certain character of more rigor.

There is no doubt that today a professional makeup artist is a person who may have a standard of living very comfortable since it is a world in which money can win if it is dedicated. It is a pity that at school the art of makeup is not included in Visual Arts modules, would save a lot of time learning the foundations in the youth. Makeup is an art, strokes of color in their faces that enhance the beauty and is, arguably, something very important that everyone should learn. Virtually everyone will look in the mirror before leaving the House, tweaking last details or points of makeup that are missing or are unnecessary. Men have also begun to realize the advantages that has the devote himself a little in the care of the skin and look in general. Totally dedicated to the male gender makeup ranges, have appeared since it has been a niche that wasn’t covered but has imported many men its outward appearance has always. Thanks to celebrities like David Beckham, have opened the doors to be well take care of yourself and recognize that you want to be handsome. Today it is easy to find a course make-up dedicated to fashion, film, show, television, magazine, etc that you prepare professionally to begin work in salons or assemble your own business.

It is wonderful to be able to rub shoulders with great professionals at the same time as with other students who will help us to awaken the creativity at the same time as practicing the techniques. So we must not belittle these games of clothing and makeup that we had children, that we learned the bases without that elders could tell us anything since that were toys that were to do so. out of us that professional makeup artist that we would be in a perhaps not-so-distant future. Details of the author: Hope Reda writes to cursomaquillaje.net, an informative website on the art of makeup where you can find more information about the games of dress and makeup as well as a listing of make-up courses throughout the country.